Track Your Spending with These Apps

Personal finance is difficult to keep track of, especially for people who are constantly busy. When you’re always running around, the small things you spend money on tend to add up. Even though an individual expense may seem inconsequential at any given time, it is most beneficial to keep track of all such expenses so you can plan your budget accordingly each month. Thankfully, there are many personal finance phone applications to help you keep track of everything you put your money toward. Below are three that I have found to be most useful.


This app integrates all of the expenses you record into a calendar so you know exactly when you spent what. Not only does it keep track of when you spend your money, but it also calculates directly the impact on your checking balance. However, it does not link to your bank accounts, so it is best to check bank accounts regularly as well for any discrepancies.


This is an app whose sole purpose is to help you budget. Remember the times when people kept envelopes of all their spending in specific categories? This is just that, except in digital form. You can create categories and set a budget for each. Whenever you make a purchase, just mark it in its designated category, and be sure to stop spending money when said category runs out.


Penny has labeled itself as a personal finance coach for good reason. It is an app that links to your bank accounts and sends you personalized text messages based on your balance often. Not only will it inform you how much is in your balance, it will also provide you with charts and graphics that can help you see your spending habits visually.

For more information on apps that help you track your daily spending, check out this Forbes article.