Erica Hill’s Wealth Management Experience

Erica Hill owns the Boise Idaho franchise of Keller Williams Realty, a cutting-edge real estate company designed to support its agent partners throughout their careers. The company mission is to assist its agent partners in building careers worth having, businesses worth owning and lives worth living.

Keller Williams take a unique approach to the company-agent relationship. While many real estate companies force agents to work on their own with little to no support, Keller Williams provides the benefit of high level education while also allowing agents to collect 100% of their commision. Keller Williams is also focused on teaching their agents on how to build wealth and long term success. The KW wealth building platform is built around the premise that the associates actively participate in building the dominant real estate company in their market and the opportunity to reap the accompanying financial rewards.


Because Keller Williams is a company that works to support agents and brokers, a majority of Erica’s career involves helping individuals with wealth management. She realizes that most agents enter the industry with some degree of sales skills; however, she wants to help people do more than just make sales – she wants to help them build wealth. Erica works to build upon what agents already know and compound that with field experience and asset management knowledge.

Erica enjoys teaching business and finance principles so that agents can approach real estate in a holistic way. She helps agents grow beyond real estate sales by teaching and assisting them with financial planning, budgeting and data analysis as well as suggestions on why, how, and when to spend and save. If an agent gets as far as learning all of these basic financial principles, she then teaches them how to invest. Through this education, Hill can help agents earn passive streams of revenue through profit-sharing and investments.

While Erica Hill is extremely successful, she believes that she can never stop learning. Hill understands the value of mentorship. She has spent her life seeking to learn from those who knew more than she, and states she has built her life on the shoulders of giants.

Erica Hill believes that finance and business knowledge is imperative to a real estate career, and she works to spread this knowledge to others.